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Magnetic compass
As early as 500 BC, Chinese scientists had studied and learned much about magnetism.[full text]
These woodblock prints show some of the six major stages in papermaking, recorded in a[full text]
Movable Type
In China the technique of printing with carved wood blocks appeared about the 7th century[full text]
The stirrup
The first representation of a rider with paired stirrups was found in China in a Jin[full text]
The Wheelbarrow
Chuko Liang (181-234 A.D) is considered to be the inventor of the wheelbarrow.[full text]
The umbrella
Umbrellas like these from Qin Shihuang¡¯s tomb, 210 BC, were invented by the Chinese.[full text]
The Seismograph
The Seismograph was invented by Zhang Heng (78-139 AD) in China¡¯s Henan Province.[full text]
Blast Furnace
During the 1st century AD the blast furnace was invented by an unknown Chinese person. [full text]
The Seed Drill
The seed drill allows farmers to plant seeds in well-spaced rows. [full text]
Deqing, in Zhejiang Province was most likely the birthplace of China¡¯s ancient[full text]
Early Horse Harness
For thousands of years, the ¡°Throat and Girth Harness¡± was used in the West,[full text]
Crossbows were mentioned for the first time in the book The Art of War, written by Sun[full text]
The Mechanical Clock
In the 11th Century, around the time of the battle of Hastings in England,[full text]
Sailing ships
For nearly two thousand years the Chinese had far more sophisticated ships and sailing[full text]
Principles of the Helicopter
The Bamboo dragonfly is a Chinese toy for children invented around 400 BC.[full text]
The Cannon
The first mention of gunpowder in warfare is found in a book printed in 1044 AD. [full text]
Cowry shells are believed to be the earliest form of currency used in central China [full text]
Lacquer is often described as one of nature¡¯s miracles. The gooey substance is made[full text]
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